Joelle Ariadne is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Joelle is the second character in the Randomverse with Dissociative Identity Disorder, the first being Sylvester Mercer. Joelle was once a regular human being, who lived her days out in a town. However, the evil scientists that troubled Vesper OpanViper as a child before, only HALF-LEARNT their lesson. They only learnt not to mess with supernatural entities. However, what they DIDN'T learn, was to leave people alone. They just decided to go for regular humans WITHOUT superpowers instead. So one day, the scientists returned, and this time, they captured Joelle, and took her to their lab. This time, they got their fix by performing constant experiments on her. One of their more major experiments was turning her into a cyborg. Once she was turned into a cyborg, they suddenly started getting... depraved ideas... and started adding, removing, and changing random parts of her. They basically tortured her for months by changing her changeable parts around, and it HURT. Joelle was mentally scarred from the whole thing. One day, unlike some examples, the seperate personalities developed DURING the abuse. At first, only Symth (compassionate alter) showed up. But then, after a couple days, Angro (nice, energetic, angry alter) started showing up as well. And when Angro showed up, hell was wreaked upon the mad scientists, as she broke free from their lab, and destroyed all that they held dear, and freed the other, normal human victims. The mad scientists tried to stop her, but Angro decided to kill them instead. After the murder though, Joelle returned back to normal. Once she realized what he had done because of Angro, she retreated from the lab, and went as far away as she could from her living area. This had traumatized her. As far as the disorder goes, she doesn't handle it well, and constantly tries to get everyone to stay away from her, mainly because of Angro. People are often concerned for her because of this. It is currently unknown whether Joelle will ever get therapy or not. She doesn't even know what therapy is, but if she knew what it was, she'd probably try and go. But there's not really a high chance of her ever getting the information. Joelle herself is an easily scarred, and frightened individual. She constantly tries to make as little friends as possible, because she doesn't want Angro going crazy and doing something bad that'll ruin friendships, so she intentionally socializes as little as possible. She is often known as "that weird freaky robot girl", because people actually KNOW she's a cyborg. Joelle constantly shakes, too. She is also scared of technology, as it reminds her of the mad scientists that experimented on her. She generally doesn't really have friends.

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