Jirachi is a Pokemon character.
385Jirachi AG anime

Jirachi's artwork.

Bio Edit

A character from the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator who grants wishes. The character appears when someone says "I wish-", saying "Your wish has been granted". Most of the time, these wishes fail because the character is not a part of the cast. A few wishes do have succeeded.

Successful WishesEdit

These wishes were successful. There was one successful wish that was granted by Jenovah Secretii, not Jirachi. Jenovah's granted wish is not listed here.

  • Slide Secretii wished to join the cast. Jirachi granted the wish by fusing with Slide (Slidachi Jiratii).
  • Fletchling wished she had more free time. Jirachi granted the wish by adding Dialga to the cast.
  • Fletchling later wished that she and Dialga were human. Jirachi granted the wish, but added the condition that it wears off once they stopped doing actions such as hugging or kissing.


The subheadings below detail Jirachi's adventure in BT Productions.

Rival AlliancesEdit

Jirachi was a member of Mike Macaw's Green Alliance. During the Tribal Council, Jirachi voted out Roman Reigns, who was a member of the Anti Kid Nation Alliance.

LGB 60 TeaserEdit

A fusion that is 25% Jirachi was posted, teasing Jirachi's appearance in LGB 60.

Princessa Gets Grounded (2)Edit

Sam Jay wished that he could kiss Scotty Raven Jay forever, causing Jirachi to appear. As with Jirachi's running gag, the wish cannot be granted because Jirachi broke the "no interruptions" rule.

When a Robin Meets Time (1)Edit

Fletchling wishes she had more free time, causing Jirachi to appear. Jirachi grants the wish in a puff of smoke, and Fletchling finds herself in the BrantSteele Hunger Games Arena. She isn't aware exactly what Jirachi did.

When a Robin Meets Time (4)Edit

Jodi Rollins wishes that Seth Rollins didn't leave earlier, causing Jirachi to appear. As with Jirachi's running gag, the wish cannot be granted because she is not Fletchling.


BT Productions has made a running gag involving this character. Jirachi would appear after hearing a wish, only to apologize because of some reason (cannot interfere, character is not part of the cast, etc.). The Pokemon would then disappear after the apology, usually making the wisher mad.

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