Jessica (full name: Jessica Albert) is a member of Team Fortune Street and one of the four S-Rankers.

Role in Fortune Street: Pokemon TroubleEdit

At the beginning of the story, Jessica decides to be a Litten. First impressions from the other characters favored her (and Patty). As the story continues, Jessica decides to be one of the major bullies towards Dragonlord (along with Mario). As Jessica continues to bully Dragonlord, Patty starts becoming doubtful of her, despite agreeing to team up with her.

Ball of Light Hot PotatoEdit

Jessica attempted to fight Dragonlord, but failed as the round ended in an obvious day ending. The game's rules banned this type of ending.


Trivia Edit

Jessica oftenly gets nicknamed "Jessie". Not to be confused with Jessie from Pokemon.

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