Jenovah Secretii (Full name: Jenovah Almighty Secretii) is one of the secret members of the Human Sunshine Project, along with Suinnak Secretii.

Bio Edit

The Secretii up in the skies, acting as a holy being watching over the rest of the HSP down below. At 125 inches, Jenovah is the third tallest member of the HSP, only shorter than Shelli Secretii and Shyla Sunshine. Jenovah is responsible for banning relationships within the twenty main Secretiis, as her Secretii Magic has the superpower of Unlovability Inducement. According to her, if a relationship does happen, it will eventually end in disaster. She has considered a loophole that applies to Pachinko Secretii since she is the only one older than her, but in the end, she lifted the relationship ban by the time Super Mario Sunshine DX was released. For context, in DX, Hillary and Dirt got married, as did Ricco to an unknown character. In the Randomverse, she did not go through with lifting the relationship ban and is glad of her decision since Pachinko's previous marriage to Alistar ended in disaster. She can phase from Heaven to the real world and back, but she prefers to stay in Heaven. Jenny Secretii is Jenovah's partner in crime, but the similarities between the two suggest they are actually sisters.


Jenovah is 62 years old, making Pachinko the only Secretii who is older than her.

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