Jenny Secretii is one of the secret members of the Human Sunshine Project.
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Jenovah Secretii's partner-in-crime. She spent so many years of her life trying to procreate the perfect child. Eventually, her womb cannot take it anymore, and now it is nonexistant. Jenovah tries to teach her the lesson that she must accept herself the way she is, but she refuses to listen to Jenovah. She is now trying to find a new relationship with no success.


  • Jenovah Secretii
  • babies

HSP WarEdit

Jenny was recruited onto Luisa's side when the war began. She is reluctant about going into war, especially since Jenovah is on Hillary's side. Eventually, she gets attacked by Dirt and Ricco, their motivation being to hurt Jenovah's mood. Shyla and Syeblay decide to help her because they want to save this pairing. After the attack, she gets engulfed by gas sent by Dirt. The gas gave her a new womb, but she isn't aware of it as she sexually assaults a genderbent Lily. When Yoshi escaped from the war zone with Bruce, Jenny discovers a note about it and panics because Yoshi was supposed to be looking after Luisa's secret weapon. Dragonlord's Darkness Storm strikes, and Jenny is left as one of the only survivors on her side along with Silver and the three hostages (Aero, Aquastan, Dunstan). At the final stages of the war, Jenny is shocked when Chris kills Shelli. Chris explains that they must stop fighting and reform the HSP, causing Jenny to blush. Jenny then declares the war is over, but is still curious over what Hillary's secret weapon did. She activates it and watches in awe as it revives the characters that died in the war. The HSP is reformed, but Jenny is left pregnant as a result of the war. She gives birth nine months later.


Trivia Edit

This character was inspired by one of Caladbolg's comments.

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