Jen Bishop is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Jen Bishop Icon (Fairiez)

Fairiez4berriez's rendition.

Bio Edit

Jen Bishop is one of Eudora Trick's friends. She is the crime scene investigator of the group. Her personality tends to center around her rather weird interest of beautiful space babes, and is generally trusting and optimistic. Few know that Jen cannot drive. She wants to fall in love and believes in ghosts (such as Nick or Alistar). After befriending Florian Riddle, Jen became the second character after Toni Logan to befriend a Fairiez character and a BT Productions character at the same time. When Jen introduced herself to Florian's friends, she requests for Michael Diaz and Malcolm Diaz to help her find space babes. It is assumed that Jen went on a daze after this. Most of the time, Jen is usually the relatively normal moody selfish lady in Eudora's friend group. But sometimes, Jen will suddenly stop moving, drool, gaze into space, and start mumbling about space babes and making "mmm" sounds, and will be nearly to completely unresponsive to what's going on around her. This may be triggered upon the sight of aliens (such as Florian or Maxine), astronauts (such as Malcolm or Michael), celestial objects, rocket ships, UFOs, or anything related to Star Wars. A good sign that Jen is about to gaze off is if she suddenly brings up the topic of space babes herself, so it's best to put her in a safe environment when she mentions them. However sometimes, she can gaze off for no reason, even with nothing relating to space babes around. Her "gazes" usually last around 5 minutes, though sometimes it may last slightly shorter or longer. She also gets kinda... aroused when she's gazing since literally nothing is on her mind except for space babes. Jen's space babe obsession is so bad that Fairiez can call it a fetish.


  • space babes
  • sheep
  • Eudora Trick
  • Florian Riddle
  • Michael Diaz
  • Malcolm Diaz


Fairiez has confessed that she didn't know why she put in Jen's arousal traits.

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