beep beep i'm a sheep

– Fairiez4berriez

Idon Wanya is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Idon Wanya (Fairiez)

Fairiez4berriez rendition.

Bio Edit

Idon is a sweet, optimistic sheep who strongly believes that everyone deserves the world. However, he also thinks that everyone's completely aware of his existence and expects everyone to know him. He SUCKS at keeping secrets, since he thinks that everyone deserves to know. If he sees someone causing trouble, he tries to "free that someone's soul". Idon used to have a boyfriend, but said boyfriend secretly hated him. Idon attempted to call the boyfriend out, only to get smashed in the head by a guitar for his efforts. Luckily for his head, the guitar's impact did not have any long-term effects. Whenever Idon gets remotely upset, he invites his friends and family and throws a literal pity party. Unfortunately, people would rarely even bother showing up because he throws too many pity parties.

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