Giosetta Adolvsson is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Giosetta Adolvsson is a sneaky magical girl with deep-set violet eyes. Her very long, straight, fine hair is the color of rich cream, and is worn in an unusual style. She has a leggy build. She has weather powers that are invoked instinctively. Her semi-transparent costume is white and red and it somehow reminds you of a weather map turned into a costume. Giosetta is a prank lover that loves to use her weather powers behind other people's backs. It doesn't matter if she wants to suddenly make it rain or snow, or maybe even give someone a helping of sunshine (literally). This sneaky nature also extends to her fighting style, as Giosetta prefers to stealthily approach things, instead of announcing herself in public, during missions. The combination makes Giosetta appear to be antisocial, introverted, and shy on the surface. But when she is not doing her magical girl duties, she is the opposite of this assumption. The sneaky nature is only shown while Giosetta is on magical girl duty.

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