I thought he was dead!!!

Code LTIB's general reaction to Guy's revival

Guy (Real Name: George Raven) is a member of Code LTIB.

Bio Edit

When he saw what Sam did to his brother, he took many precautions to make sure the same doesn't happen to him. On every item that he has ever owned, there is a button that allows Guy the White to let loose in case of emergencies. If that wasn't enough, he also owns a weapon, the God's Staff. He also owns a cloning machine, to allow himself and Guy the White to exist at the same time. He prefers to be called "Guy" over his real name, "George".

Important Relationships Edit

Beulah Volkenburger is George's love interest. Before deciding to pursue him, Beulah was after his brother(to the point of marrying him). After the long period of time it took for Beulah to accept the fact that Scotty will be with Sam, she starts to be in love with Scotty's brother. Other members of Code LTIB said that he was being pursued by Beulah because he looks like Scotty.

Scotty Raven Jay is George's brother. Whenever he saw something bad happen to Scotty, he vows to take steps to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to him. It appears they are very loyal to each other.

Sam Jay is George's enemy. It appears to be this way because of George seeing how Sam treats Scotty. During Beulah's assassination attempt of Sam, George was a part of the team.

Guy the White is George's heavenly alternate ego. He is let loose by the simple pressing of a button. If an argument with Sam goes too far, this alternate ego can be let loose so that Sam could be zapped.

George E. Raven is George's evil counterpart.

George has a minor rivalry with Scotty E. Raven. George frequently chews out Scotty E. for copying his outfit.


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