Gay Groom in a White Tux is one of many TV Tropes used in BT Productions.

Basic Info Edit

This is a trope about fictional portrayals of gay men's weddings, in which one of them will invariably be wearing a white tuxedo, and the other a black tuxedo. The reason for this trope is that a white tuxedo functions as a man's take on the bride's white dress. Sometimes, a Gender Flip will be seen in which two women marry and one of them, usually a Butch Lesbian, wears a black tuxedo, pantsuit, or skirt suit while the other, often a Lipstick Lesbian, wears a traditional wedding dress.

Examples Edit

  • Scotty Raven Jay wears a full-on wedding dress as he marries Sam Jay.
  • However, in the LTIB style of the wedding, Scotty wore a white tuxedo.
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