Fortune Exposed the Truth is a subset of the Grounded and Ungrounded scipts.

Premise Edit

Fortune Secretii exposes scripts that don't make very many differences from each other aside from the main characters and (sometimes) the setting, and gets ungrounded for doing so. She is aiming to deconstruct the repetition of various plots and spark new life into them.

List of Episodes Edit

  1. Fortune Exposed the Truth About Going to the Great Wolf Lodge
  2. Fortune Exposed the Truth About Misbehaving at a Restaurant
  3. Fortune Exposed the Truth About Dartrix Failing His Science Test
  4. Fortune Exposed Sonic the Hedgehog's Mistake
  5. Fortune Gets Cash Bro Arrested
  6. Fortune Prevented Dartrix From Throwing a Temper Tantrum
  7. Fortune's Advertisement
  8. Turbo For Hire is Uncancelled... NOT!
  9. Fortune Exposed the Truth About Who Really Drew the Big Fat Meanie
  10. Dark Bowser Swaps Report Cards with Fortune (Instead of Mr. Game and Watch)


Fortune even created an advertisement of her own series, hoping that it will get some popularity. The script is below. Text is in italics for easier reading.

Are you tired of trying to find videos that are different, only to find scripts that are the exact same? Did you ever wish that there would be a new spark of life in these scripts? Worry no more. With "Fortune Exposed the Truth" scripts, you can see Fortune expose the true meaning of repetition! She will cause the original script to go in different directions! Viewer expectations get subverted!

  • See a troublemaker going with you to the Great Wolf Lodge? Convince your friends to ditch the trip altogether to avoid being hurt!
  • Don't want somebody to go to a restaurant just because the house is out of food? Request for Fortune to change the winds of destiny!
  • Trying to make sure a restaurant has everything in stock out of fear of a tantrum? Fortune can take care of that.
  • The science test had the religious answers as "correct" instead of the real correct answers? Fortune shall take over as substitute teacher and correct the test answers!
  • Accidentally said the wrong name? Fortune will correct the problem before it spirals into one huge catastrophe.
  • Did you say you were lucky you're not in jail? Be careful, as Fortune can use that phrase against you!
  • Don't want the school lockers from getting wrecked? Just convince the troublemaker to go home and sleep in for the day!
  • Lying through your teeth? Fortune will retaliate right back!

If you ever see another problem with repetition, just give Fortune a call and she will head over to expose the truth about it! Fortune Exposed the Truth, the ultimate deconstruction of GoAnimate and the true satire of what could happen if the repetition keeps up.

Trivia Edit

This is BT Productions's version of satrical GoAnimate videos.

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