Flightning is an OC.


The genderbent version of Lightning. Instead of electric powers, Flightning was given an ability to fly. During her time in WWE '13, she got associated with the theme "Japanese Patriot", and took the time to be fluent in Japanese. However, by being fluent in Japanese, Flightning constantly annoys Jaybi (although unintentionally) by using the word "watashi". Flightning has a phobia of fog, due to it obscuring her vision.

Trivia Edit

Flightning was initially created to be the genderbent version of Lightning, but she evolved into a different character entirely.

Flightning is fluent in two languages thanks to a WWE game experiment.

According to an OC Fusion meme, Flightning is 25 years old. However, she may be younger than that.

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