Empowered Law is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Empowered Law Reference

Generic reference.

Bio Edit

Empowered Law is a man who got his superpowers of Self-Power Augmentation and Law Manipulation after opening a strange imported package. He likes to create disproportionate laws such as "people can get arrested for littering" and others because of being villainous. One of his "weapons of choice" is the death penalty. However, he won't create such laws during the month of March, as that is his favorite month. On the other hand, his laws tend to go into overdrive during the month of November. This is because November is synonymous with presidential elections.

Trivia Edit

Despite the fact that Vibrant Wind, Strong Immortal, and others came from the same Superpowered OC Creator, Empowered Law didn't come around until much later.

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