Emma is a character who first appeared in Looney Games Bloopers.


Emma first appeared in The Ridonculous Race. She was partnered up with Kitty as the Sisters team. Compared to Kitty, Emma is more strict and wants to keep her mind in the game. However, their roles are swapped as Emma starts to be distracted by Noah. By the time the Sisters are eliminated, their bond is stronger than ever. Emma would debut in BT Productions when she got dragged into BrantSteele and was paired up with Fortune Secretii.

Looney Games BloopersEdit

Apparently, the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator loves to pair her up with Fortune, as evidenced by six events that had all happened prior to Emma's first appearance. She was also shipped with Mary Canary (mostly due to Mary crashing a pretend wedding involving Emma and Fortune). Fortune caught on to Mary's involvement and decides to bring Emma into Looney Games Bloopers.



Emma should not be confused with the GoAnimate characters that are voiced by Emma.

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