Ellody is a Total Drama character.
Ellody static

Ellody's artwork.

Bio Edit

Ellody is a genius and incredibly aware that she is a major geek, but really doesn't know how to be any other way. She is also a perfectionist; if something is not perfect, then she will continue to put effort into it, even if it hinders her, to the point of exclaiming that she never "wings it". She is miles above other contestants in I.Q. thus her plan of attack is simple: outwit the competition. Having spent all her time deep in study instead of wasting energy on "useless" pursuits like popularity and boyfriends, she feels well equipped to kick proverbial butt. She performs various studies on the people she likes; including Cameron, Scarlett, Harold, and Microsoft Sam.



Random Survivor Edit

Ellody competed on Random Survivor. She was initially drafted to Kota Tribe, where she formed the majority alliance shortly after winning the One For All challenge. Ellody gets exiled twice in a row, first after Jessica gets eliminated, and then after she was not chosen for the tribal swap. Ellody returns to Kota, where she dissolves her alliance after feeling it has served its purpose by eliminating Heather. This proves to be a mistake, as her high intelligence gets her eliminated once Mario wins solo immunity, not tribe immunity.

Pride Month ChallengeEdit

Ellody participated in the Pride Month Challenge when she hugged Ruby Riott. Mudkip, Mac Douglas, and Timmy Turner see this and throw a party.

Trivia Edit

Ellody was the person that figured out who proposed to whom, at least for the Sam Jay and Scotty Raven Jay relationship.

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