Ella Dancie is an OC created by the creator of this wiki.

Bio Edit

Ella used to be a fame-hungry person. The daughter of a very wealthy man, she had dreams of becoming a multi-talented Hollywood superstar. While Ella is spoiled, selfish, and can be picky when it comes to friends, she is far from heartless, behaving quite kindly towards her fellow contestants. At some point in her past, her fame-hungry nature was actually determined to be a cry for love. Ella becomes frantic when she hears this, revealing that not only is this true, but she requires a therapist to deal with it. She is a kind person underneath her spoiled demeanor, thanks to Barry, who loves her even after she transforms into a Diancie at their wedding. No one has ever accepted her true self, and no one saw her beyond her looks, and when Barry saw under the surface, Ella shows her true colors as someone sweeter and with more heart than she appears. Post-transformation, Ella thinks she is a princess and tries to get Barry to act like a prince.


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