Eevee is a character who is currently involved in a Grounded series.
133Eevee AG anime

Eevee's artwork.

Episodes in Eevee Gets Grounded Edit

  1. Eevee Uses Extreme Evoboost Without Eeveelutions' Consent/Grounded
  2. Eevee Goes to McDonald's While Grounded/Grounded
  3. Eevee and Primarina Learned Their Z-Moves Trigger the Copyright System/Both Get Grounded/Dartrix Gets Ungrounded
  4. Eevee Beats Up Seth Rollins/Grounded

Info Edit

Eevee's info can mainly be found in another wiki. w:c:pokemon:Eevee



Out of all the Eevee family, Eevee is the only member allowed to have multiple lines in an episode of Eevee Gets Grounded.

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