Dunstan Secretii (Full name: Dunstan Zaman Secretii) is one of the fifteen normal Secretiis.


A calm, outgoing Secretii who is mainly about sand. A lot of blocks in her level are Sand Blocks. She has the power to generate sand and use it for her own benefits, whether it's for attack or protection. A rare stimulation of anger can provoke Dunstan to summon sandstorms. She is currently associated with a nickname, "Weakest Secretii Ever", which may have stemmed from her diagnosis of pentasomy X that she is trying to keep a secret (which is associated with intellectual disabilities and decreased muscle tone).


  • Summer
  • Beaches

Zaman FamilyEdit

Here's the confirmed first names of the Zaman family and their relationship to Dunstan.

  • Aquastan (sister)
  • Kate (mother)
  • Josh (father)
  • Aqua (maternal grandfather)
  • Stanley (paternal grandfather)
  • Dunja (paternal grandmother)
  • Stanka (maternal grandmother)

Nega SwitcherooEdit

Nega Dunstan is aggressive and shy. Unlike Dunstan, the medical diagnosis that Nega Dunstan got (EPP) is not a secret. She lets anyone know about it if anyone tries to touch her sun-protective gear. Nega Dunstan likes the winter season and the mountains, but dislikes summer and beaches. Her hair is a dark color and styled in pigtails. Nega Dunstan should not be confused with Read Secretii, who is an evil twin situation instead of a nega character.

Superpowers Edit

Dunstan has Sand Generation. This was done so that she could associate herself with her secret level more than ever before.

If angry enough, Dunstan can summon sandstorms.

Trivia Edit

Dunstan's nickname, "Weakest Secretii Ever", may have came from the fact that she is currently aged 55, and that weak movement is oftenly associated with such age. Dunstan's nickname could also stem from the fact that her level could entirely be avoided if players perform a somewhat tricky wall clip to skip straight to Episode 8 of Gelato Beach. Another cause of her nickname is her diagnosis of pentasomy X.

Word of God says that Dunstan was born in Egypt before moving to Gelato Beach.

Dunstan's sudden popularity kicked off a new story arc: The Blade Quills, Some Sand, The Ball of Light, and a Dragonlord. The story arc resulted in the formation of the DDT Trio.

While at a beach, Dunstan loves to disguise herself as a sand pile.

At 55 inches, Dunstan is the shortest Secretii.


Concept ArtEdit

Dunstan Secretii (Concept)
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