"Droco" Secretii (Real Name: Drogo Meccanismo Secretii) is one of the fifteen normal Secretiis.


Drogo was born because Ricco's parents got jealous of Dunstan's Sand Generation powers. However, Drogo was not born with the same powers as Dunstan. Drogo was born with the ability to become a ghost at any time. Mrs. Meccanismo did not catch this error and kept Drogo. Drogo loves to take Mario platforming to the next level, as her course will demonstrate to challengers. The Boo accessory in the back of her hair can be used to summon Boos. Drogo prefers to stay visible to the human eye, instead of being invisible.


  • Ghosts
  • Invisibility
  • Mario platforming
  • Decidueye


Drogo had suffered from a complex incident. It all started with a routine screening mammogram. Suddenly, Drogo begins to lose a portion of one of her breasts. The doctors were unable to diagnose Drogo. During a hospital blackout, Drogo decides to escape. To reduce her chances of getting caught, she shuts down her Secretii Magic system and goes out as a "bubble girl". Unbeknownst to Drogo, she actually cured herself by shutting down what was the Secretii equivalent of an immune system. After the daring escape, she has hidden herself away by various means (invisibility or a different location). Although Drogo's case may never be solved, other characters have inferred that Drogo suffered from a medical condition (pyoderma gangrenosum).

Murder Games SimulatorEdit

Drogo is a character in Murder Games. She is a member of Team Secretii and is the goth of the team.


Trivia Edit

Drogo writes the "g" in her name as if it was a "c". This leads to people with poor vision misnaming Drogo as "Droco".

Drogo is frequently mistaken as Ricco Secretii's sister, when the correct term is half-sister.

Drogo is the second-shortest member of the Human Sunshine Project, only being taller than Dunstan.

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