Dora the Explorer is a player from the RipRed HGSS Series.
Dora the Explorer


A character that is a common victim in GoAnimate videos alongside Caillou. In fact, some of these videos like to pair them together as some sort of crack ship. As a result, BT Productions went from liking Dora to disliking her. She first appeared in RipRed before appearing in BT Productions's school comedy film as one of the two troublemakers alongside Caillou. It is unknown if Caillou x Dora will be canon in BT Productions. What is known is that BT Productions herself hates Caillou x Dora.

Trivia Edit

It took Dora around 50 episodes to join Boots the Monkey in the list of winners.

In GoAnimate, Dora can often be named "Dora Marquez".

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