Jon Moxley (used to be known as Dean Ambrose) is a character in the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator.

Bio Edit

The king of Hunger Games and the one behind D.A.F.F.Y., Ambrose proves himself to be no jinx as he is crazy prepared for every possible custom event. His former partner, Monica Ambrose, is also no wimp. Many characters like to believe that the only thing Ambrose and Monica have in common is their last names, but that is not true. Ambrose nowadays is not popping up as frequently as he should, thanks to Dragonlord and Sam Jay. To make matters worse, he suffers an injury that would ultimately result in a traumatic haircut. He is forced to disguise himself as Daffy Duck so he wouldn't be embarrassed by the other characters. After he left WWE, he has since changed his name to Jon Moxley and divorced from Monica since their last names no longer match.



Character MadnessEdit

Ambrose/Moxley participated in Character Madness, but he was defeated by Popplio in the first round by a score of 95-87. Because of this defeat, Ambrose/Moxley is the only member of The Shield who failed to pass the first round.



Ambrose/Moxley so far has 77 victories in the Hunger Games simulator, more than any other character.

Ambrose/Moxley won so many Hunger Games rounds, that a folder on BT Productions's DeviantART is entirely dedicated to his victories.

Ambrose/Moxley did not get an icon before he debuted in BrantSteele (unlike his Shield partners). He initially debuted on the first 36 tribute edition.

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