Dave Hester is a character who used to appear in the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator, but now is making a comeback in the RipRed HGSS Series.


Dave Hester Icon

Dave's BrantSteele icon.

Out of all the Storage Wars characters, Dave is the most negative of them all. Because he typically bids with a loud "YUUUP!", he is just as annoying as Tottie Babs. His "YUUUP!" is imprinted on every possession he has, similar to how George Raven and George E. Raven have buttons on every possession they own. Before Darrell Sheets earned $299,820.00 during an episode of the show, "Portrait of the Gambler", Dave was the one making the most money. Darrell's big win has apparently caused Dave to quit, refusing to appear on the show again until "The Man in Black is Back in Black". Even though Dave was actually fired, he still blames Darrell for making him almost quit the show.


Trivia Edit

Like Barry Weiss, before his decision to make a comeback, it was unknown if Dave will ever return.

Dave appeared in a couple of memes submitted during the early days of BT Productions.

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