Dartrix is a character who is currently involved in a Grounded series.

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Ever since getting last place for his tribe in a Survivor simulation, Dartrix has been put into a grounded series and has remained the main character of Grounded and Ungrounded since. He has also appeared in several episodes that are not in Dartrix Gets Grounded.




Dartrix was absent from BT Productions for a while. Then Sam got abducted by aliens, allowing Dartrix to take his place (reflecting his dislike of Sam). Dartrix sets his mind on Scarlett and the Ball of Light, but ultimately fails as Yvonne Powless ended up being the one to get it.

Episodes in Dartrix Gets GroundedEdit

  1. Dartrix Attempts Sinister Arrow Raid Without Decidueye's Consent/Grounded
  2. Dartrix Comments "First!" While Grounded/Grounded
  3. Dartrix Wins Survivor on His Second Attempt/Grounded
  4. Dartrix Throws a Tantrum/Grounded
  5. Dartrix Comments "Terrible" While Grounded/Grounded
  6. Dartrix Creates a Thundersnowstorm/Grounded
  7. Dartrix Failed to Stop Dragonlord from Winning/Grounded
  8. Dartrix Ditches Microsoft Sam and Co. to See Survivor Revisited: The Aftermath/Grounded
  9. Dartrix Gets Dragonlord Banned from BrantSteele/Grounded BIG TIME

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Dartrix's info can mainly be found in another wiki. w:c:pokemon:Dartrix

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