Danni Cahoon is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Danni Cahoon is a generous magical girl with slanted red eyes and very short, straight, silky, azure hair worn in an impractical style. She has an amazonian figure. She has insect powers that come from strange little monsters. Her beautiful outfit is brown and green. Danni is a generous person, and is willing to give to the poor, donate money to charities, and do other things, but she is also quite antisocial, so she doesn't want to be with other people usually. The only people she even wants to be with, are her friends, so the only time she's seen in public (usually), is with the other magic girls. However, she is the more creative of the girls usually, more likely to come up with ideas on how to handle situations, even if some of them are rather odd in nature, and weird in how they work. Whether these ideas work or not, actually depends on the situation at hand, the nature of the idea, the circumstances, and all that. Due to her antisocial nature, Danni Cahoon also prefers to stealthily approach things, instead of announcing herself in public, during missions. She often uses her insect powers for this very reason alone, to get things done. She is also quite introverted, and shy, because of her antisocial behaviors.

Spells Edit

  • The Perfected Witchery of the Insect: Danni Cahoon calls her monsters, and commands them to dance around. Upon doing this, the monsters will then begin to dance around, all while they start to chant an incantation. It goes on for ten seconds, before the monsters suddenly cause the insides of the opponent, to be filled with aggressive, dangerous insects, that rip them apart from the inside. This is NOT to be taken lightly, and the insects will most likely tear the enemy apart. A dangerous spell to use. Will most likely traumatize bystanders.
  • Bolt of Diarrhea: A green bolt strikes Danni, or the enemy, and causes him/her to IMMEDIATELY vomit! Tends to ruin stealth missions.
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