Cynthia is one of Chris McLean's assistants.

Role Edit

Cynthia is assigned to give out any achievements. So far, there are a total of 80 possible achievements.

List of Achievements Edit

  • Kharma Bites Back: Tribute 1 kills Tribute 2, only to later get killed by the exact same way.
  • 100 Trial Survival: Survive the Pit of 100 Trials.
  • Caught the Repetitus: Have the same scenario happen to you twice.
  • This Simulation has Gone D.A.F.F.Y.!: Dean Ambrose wins.
  • Are You a Wizard?!: Tribute 1 does something related to Tribute 2 winning. Tribute 2 wins.
  • Double Elimination: Awarded to any tributes who killed 2 tributes at the same time.
  • Triple Elimination: Awarded to any tributes who killed 3 tributes at the same time.
  • Quadruple Elimination: Awarded to any tributes who killed 4 tributes at the same time.
  • Quintuple Elimination: Awarded to any tributes who killed 5 tributes at the same time.
  • Roaring Rampage of Elimination: Tribute killed 10 tributes or more.
  • You Are Safe: Awarded to any tributes who survived a death mystery event.
  • Cool Cat Saves the Kids: Review Cool Cat Saves the Kids and not get killed by Derek Savage.
  • We Made it This Far: Celebrate the nonfatal day/night event milestones during the simulation round.
  • Exhaustous Win: The winner passed out from exhaustion at least once.
  • Sad Win: The winner cried himself or herself to sleep at least once.
  • Infectious Win: The winner had an infection he or she tried to treat at least once.
  • HTF: Make an HTF-related video and not get killed by Jisp.
  • Drug Test: Try cocaine and not die from doing so.
  • SpingeBill: Make a SpingeBill YouTube Poop and not get killed by Viacom.
  • Cyberbullying or Trolling: Declare a difference between cyberbullies and trolls and not get killed by Mr. Enter.
  • Third Place Prediction: Predict third place correctly.
  • Appease Failure: Attempt to appease an arena event star, only for said AE star to appear.
  • Wolf Muttation Survival: Wolf mutts are let loose in the arena. Awarded to any tributes who simply survived without killing anyone. (Achievements 23-64 are about surviving the arnea events.)
  • Acid Rain Survival
  • Poisonous Smoke Survival
  • Hurricane Evacuation
  • Tracker Jacker Repellant
  • Tsunami Evacution
  • Fire Evacuation
  • Border Contraction Survival
  • Monkey Muttation Survival
  • Squirrel Survival
  • Volcano Evacuation
  • Pitch Black Survival
  • Hallucination Survival
  • Pleased the Animation God
  • Infatuation Survival
  • Orgy Survival
  • Outmaneuvering the Architect
  • Lunacy Survival
  • Survive the Howling
  • Operation S.U.R.V.I.V.E.
  • Survive the Judgment of Fury
  • Xerneas is Not a Troll
  • Blizzard Survival
  • No Sex is Totally Okay
  • Pokemon Survival
  • Tantrum Survival
  • Guy the White Survival
  • Thunderstorm Survival
  • Land's Wrath Evacuation
  • Survive Judgment
  • Survive the Curse
  • Mega Pidgeot Evacuation
  • Blood Rain Survival
  • Dazzling Diamond Dancing of Living
  • Theme Songs are On, Let's Evacuate
  • Food Storm Evacuation
  • Withstand the Sign Invasion
  • Bombing Survival
  • Arrest Survival
  • Plan G Evacuation
  • Waiting for the Arena to be Dry Again
  • Time!
  • Diarrhea Dumping: Have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in your ear and not die of E. coli.
  • Banishment: Tribute 1 banishes Tribute 2. Tribute 2 dies.
  • See, This Tribute is a Clopper!: Tribute 1 says to Tribute 2 that Tribute 3 is a clopper. Tribute 3 is indeed a clopper.
  • This Tribute Can Only Give Head: Tribute 1 says to Tribute 2 that the only thing Tribute 3 is good at is giving head. Tribute 3 is revealed as such.
  • Tribute Forgot How to Use Exist: Die by forgetting how to exist.
  • Shelter Survivor: Win while in some other tribute's shelter.
  • That Tribute was so Stupid: Win by taking advantage of a You STUPID moment.
  • Believe That: Roman Reigns wins.
  • All the Simulation's a Blooper: Ben Wilburn Warner wins.
  • Victory Tantrum Time: Sam Jay wins.
  • The Authority Always Wins: Triple H wins.
  • Survival of the Architect: Seth Rollins wins.
  • Mystery Winner: The winner throws the mystery winner tantrum.
  • Unfair!: An "Unfair!" moment happens.
  • Bloodbath Fight: Fight for an item in the Bloodbath. Given to all tributes who participated in such.
  • Game Night: Participate in a game such as Truth or Dare.


Cynthia is on friendly terms with Dragonlord. She will somethings hug him for things he does.



According to Survivor Revisited: The Aftermath, Cynthia owns a Glaceon.

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