Cyneric T. Pufferfluff is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Cyneric T. Pufferfluff

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Bio Edit

A trans woman nuthatch who is from Fiji. Her skills include swimming, gymnastics, and lockpicking. However, she is also recklessly impulsive, petty, and egocentric. Cyneric currently works as a postal delivery worker who likes to collect stamps. As far as powers go, Cyneric shares the same powers as Yveltal, a Pokemon that can absorb life energy. Cyneric used to be friends with a man who had a pet dog. One day, the nuthatch noticed a petty detail about the dog and made a big racket about it. Naturally, the dog attacked the nuthatch in self defense. The accidental insult (and subsequent attack) caused Cyneric to lose an eye and a lot of feathers (that exposed vitiligo). In retaliation, the nuthatch recklessly took both the man and the dog's lives to restore the damage done. Cyneric eventually got all of the lost feathers back, but the right eye is lost forever. So she wore an eyepatch over her right eye to make herself look decent. After the attack, Cyneric resolved to live in peace. If Cyneric ever got angry again, she would use one-word sentences to try to resolve the issue faster. Cyneric is notorious for loving copper, to the point of having a crazy obsession over the metal. If a future character ever got copper on at least one object, chances are that Cyneric would go crazy over that character. This obsession is known to annoy other characters, as demonstrated by Mindgoose. And chances are, if Cyneric is not obsessing over copper, she would be in love with copernicium, since the name is one letter off from copper. Despite Cyneric's obsession, she is asexual and has gamophobia.


  • Copper (BIG TIME)
  • Copernicium
  • Stamps
  • Cats
  • Flour Felix


  • Marriage
  • Dogs
  • Vibrant Wind
  • The Hot Plague

Trivia Edit

Characters that Cyneric went crazy over included:

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