Cymeron (pronounced KI-mer-un) is an OC created by the creator of this wiki.


She was raised by an abusive father. Her father's name (Simon) reminds her all too well of how her name should be pronounced (SI-mer-un) and refuses to be pronounced that. Her mother does not have the abuse issue, but she does have the issue of being extremely concerned with her daughter's education. Eventually, Cymeron cannot stand her parents anymore and decides to run away to start her own squad.

About The Cymeron SquadEdit

Cymeron is the leader of her own squad, The Cymeron Squad. This squad is your average save-the-day kind of superhero team. Each member of her squad has advantages and disadvantages.

Members of The Cymeron SquadEdit



  • Simon (her father)
  • school


Cymeron is actually a genderbent version of Cameron.

Cymeron's mother being concerned with her daughter's eduction is a nod to Cameron having high intelligence levels.

Cymeron's older design is a bit different than what she currently looks like.

Cymeron is at the same height as Mike Macaw and Scotty Raven Jay.

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