blankie witch

– Fairiez4berriez

Corine Erms Steffen is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Corine (Fairiez)

Fairiez4berriez rendition.

Bio Edit

After BT Productions posted the Create a Chibi Maker OC Meme, Fairiez got right to work creating her chibi character. Corine was the result. The traits are listed below.

Traits Edit

  • Lives in St. John's, which is located in Newfoundland & Labrador.
  • 20 years old
  • Birthday on July 7th, 1998
  • Is actually a witch and can cast spells on people, but the effects never last more than a day
  • Wears a special lens on right eye since it is blind
  • Moody and quick to anger
  • Casts harmful spells on people who pick on her
  • Never uses physical combat
  • Loves gold
  • Actually pretty salty and won't accept losing
  • Severely allergic to almonds
  • Chants "Boogy Boogy" before casting spells
  • 10 brothers and 6 sisters
  • Second-oldest of the siblings
  • Loves Nicki Minaj
  • Still carries a blanket around, since she thinks she can't cast spells without it
  • Panics if left without blanket for too long
  • Despite her saltiness, she's actually pretty shy
  • Has delusions that people are trying to kill her
  • Is into vore, but keeps it a secret from most people
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