Cody is a Total Drama character.

Bio Edit

Cody is a tech-savvy geek, who sees himself as a ladies' man instead of a nerd. He joined BT Productions primarily to be with the "cool" kids: his own kind, or so he thinks. His self-named "manly charms" and "smooth moves" are famously not so smooth, failing him around the other characters. Cody's usual tactic of getting women involves him using pick-up lines that sound irresistible to him, but irritating to everyone else. Most of the girls he flirts with usually end up annoyed or amused. Cody likes to think that he is the "cool guy," but his biographies suggest that he is very intelligent. Once he becomes truly interested in someone, he will be loyal and will do whatever it takes to make her happy - even give her up to another guy. Cody is a sweet boy, but with it comes tendencies that are perverted and somewhat stalker-like.

Total Drama Bloopers Edit

Cody is one of the main characters of Total Drama Bloopers, teaming up with Dave as "those two guys". He mainly joined the show to see if he gets paired up with a girl (which is what happened to Scott, Max, and Cameron). However, this couple dream would only become reality in fan-made spin-offs.

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