Claire Brent is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Claire Brent is a determined magical girl with almond-shaped white eyes. Her medium-length, straight, thick hair is the color of black coffee, and is worn in an impractical style. She has a wide-hipped build. She has evil powers that are focused through a series of rings. Her outfit is mostly black and orange, and it looks like a fusion of a gypsy dress and a military uniform. Claire is someone who likes to socialize and make friends with people. However, she is quite apprehensive on the inside, as she is constantly doing battle with the evil powers of the rings that she has, trying to keep them in control. She always fears that the evil powers that the rings possess will one day get out of control, and cause horrible things to happen to her friends, her family, and their friends friends, family, etc, and their family's family, and their family's family's family, and so on, so forth. She is however, none the less determined to keep the evil rings under control, so that she will only use the power of the rings when absolutely necessary. In fact, it is because of this determination, that people know of her struggles, and try to help her get through it. She doesn't think she needs help with this, though the help of the other people has definitely improved the stability of the rings. She is also the first magic girl of the group to go into battle usually.

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