If you ever ask someone how that person's childhood went, the response is based off of memories. I never had a childhood, not kidding about this.
Chuck Secretii (Full name: Chuck Waller Secretii) is one of the fifteen normal Secretiis.


A very energetic character born in Texas mere hours before Super Mario Sunshine was due to be released. Secretii Rules state that a Secretii has to be at least 20 years old to design a secret level, so Chuck had to be rapidly aged from an infant to the mentioned 20 years of age. She also had to make up a level on the spot so that Super Mario Sunshine can be released successfully. Many lives were lost on that level, and most of the blame was on Chuck's high energeticness. Her high levels of this energy is let out when her anger spikes, making her have a pleasant temper.


  • Texas Flip N Move

Superpowers Edit

Chuck has Peak Human Strength. This is fitting, as per her secret level.


Trivia Edit

Chuck is the heaviest Secretii. (and out of everyone in the Human Sunshine Project)

Chuck could arguably have the shortest hair in the Human Sunshine Project (her competitor is Blaine Cole). This could extend to Chuck having the shortest hair out of all of the Secretiis.

Chuck's gender can be very confusing, as the Secretii Rules state that Chuck has to be female.

Chuck's surname refers to her having a pleasant temper.

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