Christina Zombina is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

A female zombie. She is elderly and has green eyes, an olive complexion, and curly brown hair left uncut. She is very short, of average weight, and is wearing old fashioned clothing. She is extremely decayed and is missing both legs and the nose. Christina is often misunderstood a lot, being mistaken for a freak just because she's a zombie. As a result, she has a often negative opinion about people, and won't try to sway them to think she's anything different. She isn't too bright, mostly due to being a zombie, but once you get to know her more, she's actually pretty nice. Even if she's not too bright, she does still have some extended knowledge on her, as she knows about other paranormal or strange creatures, and superpowers as well. Despite her supernatural knowledge however, she has not been able to obtain any superpowers. She also prefers to eat pizza over brains. The Plot Punter initially showed her as a villain with Chopper and Vibrant Wind trying to stop her and the zombie apocalypse, but she turns out to be good when she revealed that her zombie apocalypse was preventing something worse (Brainling Takeover) from happening until Chopper and Vibrant Wind ruined it.

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