It is me alright! RNG Host Chris McLean!

– Chris McLean to Dragonlord, Act 7, Scene 17 of Survivor Revisited: The Aftermath

This article is referring to the RNG Host. If you were looking for the WWE Superstar, click here: Chris Jericho

Chris McLean is the host of the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator.

Info Edit

Chris's info can mainly be found on another wiki. In BT Productions, Chris acts as the host for Hunger Games and Total Drama. He has control over what tributes do in Hunger Games rounds. According to The Struggles of Being Popular, he manages the coding of the Hunger Games simulator. He has a Randomverse counterpart named Khris McFlame.


  • Chef Hatchet
  • Hunger Games
  • Drama


  • Arena events
  • Dragonlord dying too early
  • Obvious day endings
  • Number 13
  • Max
  • Scarlett

Superpowers Edit

According to the Superpower Wiki, Chris has Plot Control, as he controls what the tributes do during a round of the Hunger Games.

Mentions Edit

These events mention Chris in some form:

  • Chris makes sure (Player1) does something.
  • Chris reminds (Player1) that the clock is ticking and (he/she1) may die at any time.
  • Chris reminds (Player1) that there is at least 100 ways to die.
  • Chris warns (Player1) to shut up or he'll trigger an arena event.
  • Chris watches (Player1) from afar with evil intent.
  • Chris reminds (Player1) that there is at least 200 ways to die.
  • (Player1) attempts to kill (Player2), but Chris stops (him/her1), keeping (Player2) alive.
  • (Player1) attempts to rape a baby dolphin, but Chris says it's not allowed.
  • (Player1) spreads rumors that there is a such thing as "The RNG Host".
  • Chris warns (Player1) to stop playing Pokemon Go or he'll trigger an arena event.
  • Chris shoots an arrow at (Player1), but misses entirely.
  • Chris shoots an arrow at (Player1), but misses and hits a tree instead.
  • Chris chases (Player1).
  • Chris sends his army of assistants to kill (Player1).
  • Chris sets an explosive off, killing (Player1).
  • Chris sets an explosive off, killing (Player1), and (Player2).
  • Chris kills (Player1) in an attempt to stop himself from triggering an arena event.
  • Chris stabs (Player1) in the back with a trident.
  • Chris catches (Player1) off guard and kills (him/her1).
  • Chris throws a knife into (Player1)'s head.
  • Chris throws a knife into (Player1)'s chest.
  • Chris shoots an arrow into (Player1)'s head.
  • Chris decapitates (Player1) with a sword.
  • Chris's trap kills (Player1).
  • Chris prevents (Player1) from going to the Feast.
  • (Player1) watches Chris move the squeaky board before falling asleep.
  • Chris whispers some advice to (Player1).
  • (Player1) takes a selfie with Chris.

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