Cheryl Barrett is an OC created by BT Productions.

Bio Edit

Cheryl is a 38 year old woman. She has a pale complexion, straight red hair worn loose about the shoulders, and dark brown eyes. She is a little tall, of average weight, and is wearing old-fashioned clothing. Chaton Barrett (Cheryl's father) is actually a wild and deranged catboy. Cheryl was the result of the climax of Dragonlord and Luigi's latest plot, where they became a killer couple. Dragonlord was the mastermind behind the plot, as he convinced Luigi to bring Cheryl to the BrantSteele arena to try out the Hunger Games. Dragonlord also created a dummy tribute to substitute for Cheryl so she doesn't really die. Luigi's task was to bond with Cheryl and keep her away from Dragonlord at all costs. Luigi also has to keep his mouth shut so Cheryl doesn't realize that both parties are having an affair (Luigi cheated on Princess Daisy while Cheryl cheated on her husband). Luigi would survive to the finals, where Dragonlord kills him and invites Cheryl to witness him perform his victory pose. As Cheryl is close to Dragonlord as he performs his victory pose, she would inhale a lot of smoke as it engulfed the arena in darkness. Cheryl dies from smoke inhalation, and Dragonlord carries her out of the BrantSteele arena and instructs Luigi to take her body to a bank's parking lot. After Luigi arrives at the bank, Dragonlord brings him a locked suitcase full of money and instructs Luigi to set it nearby the body to make it look like Cheryl died after robbing the bank. Then Dragonlord and Luigi returned to BrantSteele as if nothing happened. Cheryl leaves behind her parents, her husband, and her children. Cheryl's affair with Luigi is discovered post-death.

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