Canelle Chapreto is a character created by ComicaDreams.

Bio Edit

Canelle Chapreto always seems like she's tired and done with everything the other OCs do, but it's not really always like that. She's on decent terms with most of the OCs, and is even really good friends with Breella the Bard. Canelle is a fairly logical thinker, and usually isn't afraid to point negative things out to others whether they like or not. Hobby-wise, Canelle enjoys reading books, and cooking (and is interested in many types of cuisine, as well as culinary arts) as well. BT Productions created the Mix-Up in Allearth Forest meme, and when Comica used that meme, Canelle got a somewhat major focus as she was the one informing the others about what exactly the Allearth Forest is.

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