So the insulting problem reached my sister Bruce? Surprised it didn't get to me yet... Key word: yet...

– Yoshi Secretii

Bruce Secretii (Full Name: Bruce Velia Secretii) is one of the fifteen normal Secretiis.

Bio Edit

Bruce's design was based around magicians. Why, the Secretii Magic Bruce possesses is literally the magic they use! One wave of her wand makes the platforms in her secret level vanish. To get access to her Beach Cannon, you have to defeat her in battle. Bruce's weapon arsenal consists of a sniper rifle and bombs. Hit her with bombs three times to defeat her. Bruce reappears in Noki Bay, but this time around, you cannot access her cannon. Bruce intially lived her life with only her parents. Yoshi Secretii's birth cheered up Bruce somewhat, as Bruce now had company. When Bruce fully got used to Yoshi, Yoshi isolated herself. Lily Secretii was born after the resulting depression and cheating operation. She was previously married to Gary Akedogemuski. Gary didn't intend to marry Bruce as he wanted to date Yoshi instead, but a banner displaying "Bruce, will you marry me?" led to Bruce saying yes thinking it was for her. Leonard spills the beans, causing Bruce to divorce Gary.


  • Green
  • Magic
  • Magicians
  • Lily Secretii
  • Sniper rifles
  • Bombs
  • Braixen
  • Delphox
  • Leonard



Trivia Edit

Bruce is one of four Secretiis to have a Red Coin Timer of 1:00:00. The others are Hillary Secretii, Dunstan Secretii, and Fortune Secretii.

The HSP Weight Restriction made it justified that Bruce's weight is the only weight to have one digit repeating throughout the number.

Bruce's older design did not have the magician's cape. She would then get redesigned again, transforming her cape into a cloak. The cloak hides her secret.

Bruce's cape has on more than one occassion got her mistaken for a superhero.

Bruce did own a restaurant in her secret level once, during Secretii Restaurant Fiasco.

Bruce once left the HSP because of being insulted on how her hair works.

Concept Art Edit

Bruce Secretii (Concept)
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