Brody is a character from Total Drama.

Bio Edit

Brody is described as an enthusiastic, absent-minded jock. He and Geoff are all about partying, surfing, having fun, and winning money, because tons of cash equals more parties and fun! He may not be the brightest guy in BT Productions, but he always has his friend's back. He is a loyal and enthusiastic friend, and always sees the glass as half-full. They could both get something done together, since together is better than one. He is fast and strong with an emotional compass that is bang on. He shows himself to be very noble.

Guy's Shelter Fever Edit

Brody first appeared in Looney Games Bloopers. After Cameron and Sam Jay's shelters failed to calm George Raven down, Brody appeared to invite him into his shelter. When Guy got in the shelter however, he found out that Brody also invited Galaxia Secretii into that same shelter even though Guy clearly expressed he does not like company. From then until Galaxia's "death", Brody hangs out with her and several other characters. It is unknown how Brody died in the simulation round.

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