Britta Grimaldi is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Britta is one of Cooper Phillips's friends created as part of the BT Productions Randomverse Mega Expansion. She is the college student of the group. Her goal is to graduate college so she can take up a career in inventing and create a lot of fun stuff designed as a "Take That!" towards foreigners. This sounds promising enough since she is skilled in inventing and was fascinated with a popular inventor growing up. However, given her personality, she may never act on her goal as she scores a "Never" in ambitious. Being paranoid does not help. Britta's skills also include smooth-talking and embroidery. She has a fear of cranes. She is crushing on a brainy rabbit. As she scores a "Never" in affectionate, she doesn't go for intimacy.

Likes Edit

  • toads
  • Treasure Island
  • Sherlock Holmes
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