Brionne is a character that appears in Dartrix Gets Grounded.
729Brionne SM anime

Bio Edit

One of Dartrix's friends, Brionne was there whenever Dartrix wanted to hang out with some pokemon friend. Chances are, Brionne is probably doing the one thing Dartrix was forbidden to do (such as a Z-Move). Any other time, Brionne was the one getting Dartrix in trouble. It is almost as if the friendship will degrade to a relationship of frenemies.

Character MadnessEdit

Brionne did compete in Character Madness, but she was eliminated by Eevee in the first round by a score of 86-78.

Tower Defense StyleEdit

In a tower defense style game, Brionne would get the ability Water Balloon Party. This ability involves Brionne bombarding the screen with water balloons. It functions like Pop and Awe from Bloons Tower Defense 5.



Chris McLean once allowed Brionne to celebrate Christmas.

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