Breath Secretii is a member of the Human Sunshine Project.
Breath Secretii

Generic reference.

Bio Edit

Breath has the ability to protect herself in an aura of toxic fumes using her Secretii Magic. However, the downside to everything is that the air she normally breathes is toxic to her internal organs. Once she takes her mask off, she could only have it off for 15 minutes or else the air build-up could potentially cause heart failure and thus kill her. She also has to use her "special breathers" like a smoker would use a cigarette to dispel the already built-up air in her system. Usually, three breaths from the "special breather" would do the trick, but it could sometimes take more or less; it depends on the amount of built-up air. As such, Breath carries a backpack that contains the "special breathers" at all times. If the supply runs low, she can use her Secretii Magic to create more, so she technically has an infinite supply. Eventually, even the breath from the "special breathers" would taste bad to Breath, so she takes the mask off and starts the vicious cycle between life and death all over again. The toxic fume aura also has a major limitation: As long as the aura is active, the time limit before heart failure sets in is cut in half, since Breath is breathing in the toxic fumes in addition to the air around her. She would operate a secret level where the toxic fumes in it would periodically damage the player. The player has to make it to the end before the fumes cause death, essentially creating a psuedo time limit before the Red Coin Timer can be accessed (via returning to the level after beating it).

Trivia Edit

Breath is the second "Dream OC" after Suha Secretii.

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