Bwah hah hah! Make way for the great Bowser! I'm gonna crush you all to smithereens!

– Bowser's introduction, Fortune Street

Bowser is a member of Team Fortune Street.

Bio Edit

Mario's worst enemy and the father to Bowser Junior. He likes to kidnap royalty for fun. However, he can get angry easily.

Grounded and UngroundedEdit

He is Dark Bowser's father. According to Weatherstar4000video, he married Ice Princess.

Looney Games BloopersEdit

Bowser didn't appear until "Jacobdee's Request", when Jacobdee requested for him to return to the Hunger Games cast (Jacobdee finds Bowser to be cool). However, Mario catches on to Bowser's appearance. Turbo even goes as far as to shin kick Bowser.

Trivia Edit

Birdietalk Productions herself admitted that she loves to watch Bowser scream in anger.

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