Bonnie Faulk is a character from Vibrant Wind Adventures.

Bio Edit

An outgoing, yet unattractive young woman with a severe allergy, who is secretly the child of a giant parrot. She can be quite the nice and friendly person to hang out with, yet she also has a manipulative, unforgiving personality as well, that can be quite the nightmare to witness if you manage to tick her off. Although she is generally a logical and observant person usually, she can at times slip up and focus on the wrong things. Like Letitia St. John and Alvolv A. Windbirb, she also doesn't have special powers, and is more or less a regular person. Regardless of the bad parts of her, she is able to make a lot of friends, due to knowing how to keep people happy. The ring and mini crown were actually gifts given to her by her parents. Polly gave the mini crown before she disappeared, and Manny gave the ring to signify his takeover as parental figure. This mini crown has been in the Faulk family for generations, to the point a tradition was based off of it. The Faulk family established their own wedding tradition that is exclusive to them. When a female Faulk gets married, she wears a huge wedding veil so that the wedding kiss can be performed underneath it. The Faulk family believes that characters getting underneath the veil would be blessed with the luck coming out of the mini crown. It is this reason that the male characters in the Faulk family have a maiden name (not the females).



  • Polly Faulk


Trivia Edit

Bonnie is the first BT Productions created character for the Randomverse.

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