Blaxie (Full Name: Blaxie Spy) was the second OC created for Birdietalk Productions. An enhanced version of Black Spy, this character actually looks like a fusion of Black Spy and Roxie.

Important Relationships Edit

Blaxie's relationship with Whiteccino is rather complicated. Upon first look, they are rivals. However, deep down, they can fuse into a stronger spy, Blaxccino. This fusion is extremely rare to see in the OC World.


Blaxie first came into mind during a Spy vs. Spy cartoon. After White Spy transformed into Whiteccino for the first time (by finally winning after a long losing streak), Black Spy wanted to inflict payback and fight fire with fire. Thus, once Black defeated White again, Black transformed into Blaxie for the first time. Black can trigger this form at will.

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