Tropes associated with Beulah.

  • Ascended Fanon: According to "The Return of Scotty", Beulah's surname was "Volkenburger". This is adapted into Birdietalk Productions.
  • Psycho Ex-Girlfriend: After Scotty Raven Jay divorced from Beulah to be with Sam Jay, Beulah tried to assassinate Sam, but failed.
  • Pair the Spares : After Beulah failed to separate Sam and Scotty, she starts hooking up with George Raven. This pairing is a nod to davemadson's older episodes of LTIB, which had Beulah and George paired up before Scotty entered the scene.
  • Official Couple: With Guy.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: She retains her super strength from her source material.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse : Beulah, along with ten other characters (Lily, Chuck, Pachinko, Dragonlord, Evil Sam, Guy, Evil Mike, Peach, Black, and Rowlet), all attempted to assassinate Sam before Scotty fell victim to Mister Seahorse Syndrome and realize that babies make everything better and confess. Beulah's attempts to stop Sam and Scotty from being a happily married couple fail.
  • Not Good with Rejection : Beulah's initial response to Scotty divorcing from her to be with Sam is to attempt to murder Sam before he could get Scotty pregnant. When her assassination attempts fail, she then hooks up with Scotty's brother to relive the old davemadson days.
  • Relationship Sabotage : Beulah cannot stand that Scotty will soon confess to Sam, so she tries to kill Sam. Unlike Cymeron and Stufful's cases (they made it clear that they dislike Sam x Scotty), Beulah actively tried to separate them.
  • Carnival of Killers : Beulah hired ten other characters to go after Sam in an attempt to stop Scotty from being a victim of "Mister Seahorse Syndrome".
  • Anti Shipping Goggles: Davemadson made it clear that Beulah was going to be with Scotty and not Guy, especially after the pairing got married in LTIB 72. But BT Productions doesn't see why Scotty deserves to be with Beulah, especially after he (possibly) interacted with Sam more often than he did with her. The plot hole with the former Beulah x Guy moments in LTIB did not help matters.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: BT Productions prefers to see Beulah with Guy.
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