Mr. WB Warner (Real name: Ben Wilburn Warner) is a member of Code LTIB.


Mr. Warner is the benevolent boss of Code LTIB. He is personified as expressing goodwill and kindly feelings. He desires to help others. His actions tend to lean towards benefits rather than profit. He even goes as far as to say he enjoys and loves bloopers. One LTIB episode, he wished he got a girlfriend. BT Productions heeded his wish after LTIB ended, and he was hooked up with Belle Warner. They got married and had a son. According to Davemadson, Mr. Warner retired from LTIB after it ended. In BT Productions, Mr. Warner revealed his retirement is not all that it seems. He remains in Code LTIB today, and still remains relevant.


  • Belle Warner
  • bloopers
  • Sam Jay
  • Wally Warner


  • Sam Jay (used to)

Important RelationshipsEdit

Before getting married to someone else, Mr. Warner used to pursue Sam Jay as a love interest. The pairing came about after "LTIB Characters in the Hospital" had Sam get pregnant because of Mr. Warner's accident (he was trying to give him the soap punishment). Whammie Jay-Warner was born as a result of this relationship. This explains why Mr. Warner was benevolent to everyone else, except for Sam. Word of LTIB says that Mr. Warner threw a party once he found out the LTIB Sam apologized to the LTIB Scotty, hinting that he supports Sam x Scotty.

Nowadays, Mr. Warner has a wife. The marriage resulted in a child, Wally Warner.


Trivia Edit

Mr. Warner's first name, "Ben", is short for benevolent, which corresponds to his behaviors to almost everyone of Code LTIB.

"WB" actually stands for "Wilburn", not "Warner Bros." as assumed by the other members of Code LTIB.

If Mr. Warner's secondary eye color is revealed, he would have yellow eyes.

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