Aquastan Secretii (Full name: Aquastan Zaman Secretii) is a DX Secretii and a member of the Human Sunshine Project.

Bio Edit

Dunstan Secretii's aquatic sibling. Aquastan is also the only Secretii who is not a human; she is actually a mermaid. Like Primarina, Aquastan can move on land just fine. A strange Secretii whose possible moveset is all mixed up. She used to be able to use Vaporeon's moveset whenever she wanted, but when Lotus confirmed her favorite Pokemon is Sylveon, Aquastan found herself unable to use Vaporeon's moves anymore. Thankfully, Aquastan has a special ability exclusive to herself (Liquidate) that causes the Normal-type moves to become Water-type moves. Aquastan likes to believe she is the only mermaid in BT Productions, but Luria Spinner would like to prove otherwise.

Secretii MagicEdit

Aside from the natural challenges provided by her secret level, Aquastan can use these moves.

  • Fairy Wind
  • Disarming Voice
  • Helping Hand
  • Tackle
  • Tail Whip
  • Sand Attack
  • Baby-Doll Eyes
  • Quick Attack
  • Swift
  • Draining Kiss
  • Skill Swap
  • Misty Terrain
  • Light Screen
  • Moonblast
  • Last Resort
  • Psych Up
  • Captivate (through genetics)
  • Hyper Voice (move tutored)

Zaman FamilyEdit

Here's the confirmed first names of Aquastan's family.

  • Dunstan (sister)
  • Kate (mother)
  • Josh (father)
  • Aqua (maternal grandfather)
  • Stanley (paternal grandfather)
  • Dunja (paternal grandmother)
  • Stanka (maternal grandmother)



Aquastan and Dunstan's names were derived from their grandparents' names.

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