Ann Cortlandt is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Ann is a vain and egotistical magical girl. She has almond-shaped white eyes and short, straight, luxurious, gray hair worn in an attractive style. She has a curvy figure. She has strength powers that are focused through a series of amulets. Her outfit is mostly black and green, resembles a scanty negligee, and it changes so she can use her strength to the maximum. She constantly thinks very highly about herself, and considers herself the strongest and best magic girl to ever exist, and thinks that the other magic girls are total losers. She is also rather selfish, and tends to think about herself first, and places herself WAY above other people in terms of priorities and importance. She tends to be quite bossy, as well, and constantly bosses her friends, and other people around, demanding them to do stuff for her, and often thinks that she's in charge of everything. She often has a temper tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants, but her temper tantrums are violent ones. When she has a temper tantrum, she often tends to attack everything in sight, even her own friends, but she is too busy raging and having a temper tantrum to notice the potential damage she is doing. The only way to calm her down at this point is to knock her unconscious, but that might be a bit difficult due to her strength powers. Ann also tends to take credit for anything amazing that someone else does, and thinks she deserves most prizes. She can also get quite competitive at anything. Ann is 14 years old, originates from Syrian Arab Republic, Western Asia, has taphephobia, her favorite food is almonds, and absolutely HATES milk. She hates it when her parents treat her like a child, despite the fact she's 14, thus, a teenager. Then again, her immature attitude is a pretty good reason to do so, and teenagers are still children technically. Only her father actually has superpowers; her mother doesn't have superpowers. Due to Ann's hatred of her parents treating her like a child, she often runs away from home, but she always gets returned three days later usually. Ann is involved in a Love Triangle Type 3 with Oki and Bymrasil.

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