Amy is a player in the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator.

Amy looking

Amy's artwork.


Amy is aggressive, snarky, impatient, and will take advantage of anyone if she finds the opportunity. She believes that she is both the "beauty and the brains" between her and her twin and views Samey as a "spare Amy", "lesser Amy" or even a "second Amy," and thus the inferior sibling. She also remarks about wanting to change Samey's name to "Spare-Amy". Despite her claims of being intellectually superior over her sister, Amy frequently takes credit for her sister's strategies and other accomplishments and is very immature and bratty. She also refuses to take responsibility over her own failures, placing the blame on Samey whenever something goes amiss. This causes other people to believe Amy is more likable and useful. If Samey does something that Amy considers very bad, then she will be very determined to get her revenge. She is a member of a cheerleading team with Samey, as evidenced by their uniforms.

Ball of Light Hot PotatoEdit

Amy's most significant interaction during the game was when she had a relationship with Turbo Secretii. They had amazing sex under the stars after Sylvester (Turbo's previous lover) was left to die during the Feast. They got into an Edit War, but they ended up hugging each other the next night. Turbo thinks she can break up with Dragonlord (her husband), but Amy accidentally disintegrates herself. This left Turbo facing Dragonlord for the Ball of Light, where she was defeated (just like in Turbo for Hire). After the storyline ended, Amy showed up in highlights. That was until she got into a fight with Sylveon while waiting for the results of Pikachu challenging Ricco Secretii's secret level. After it was revealed that Pikachu did not survive, Amy blamed Sylveon for causing the obvious day ending. Sylveon then reveals it was Scarlett's fault, causing Amy to target Scarlett. Amy would spend the next few days harrassing Scarlett until she eventually snapped at her. In the aftermath, Scarlett is willing to apologize for her actions as long as Amy leaves her alone. With the Scarlett storyline over, Amy switches targets and is now interacting with Samey once again. Tensions still remain however, when Katniss played The Sims and made them become enemies.


Trivia Edit

Amy had a custom-made icon before BrantSteele released the official icon for her.

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