Abby (Real Name: Abigail Shirley) is a member of Code LTIB.


In the first days of Code LTIB, she never knew what to do, as BT Productions made it evident that Dave Madson is never coming with her. All she had was Beulah, her best friend. When Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers decided to introduce Wally with the reboot, Abigail decides to pursue him as a love interest. However, that was when Rowley Jefferson falls in love with Abigail, giving her some love triangle complications to get past. Abigail became Sam's love interest at one point after Anna disappeared. (She quickly found out Sam was meant to be with Scotty however). She still has her cat and peacock allergies. In BT Productions, her allergies extend to every cat and peacock that ever existed in the verse (even those in the Randomverse like Flour Felix or Rainsparkle).





Like George Raven, Abigail prefers to be called a different name than her real name, wanting to be called "Abby" instead of "Abigail".

Abby never got a true love interest until Wally Warner was born. That was when Rowley Jefferson appeared and started to give Wally competition.

Rowley's love for Abby came from a Diary of a Wimpy Kid storyline where he got together with Abigail Brown for a while.

BT Productions intends for Abby to be the first page of the Characters category.

If Abby didn't have black eyes, then her eyes would've been cyan.

Abby goes by different last names depending on the verse.

  • Abigail Shirley (BT Productions)
  • Abigail Nicole Johnson (Jessica Lane)
  • Abby English (Davemadson)
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